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Rewind to the 80's

Posted on July 26 2019

Rewind to the 80's

The 80’s was a decade of bold style, colours and silhouettes- permed hair included. With trends spanning from ripped tights and leather, to polished oversized blazers, it was one of the most eclectic decades in fashion, and some of the era's key looks are making a fashion comeback.

The extravagance of celebrities' 80's outfits were toned down in streetwear, but all the elements were there. The fabrics were unquestionably velour, spandex, and lycra, with comfortable cotton and natural silk also a favorite. Severely tailored military-style suits and jackets with padded shoulders were worn side-by-side with printed t-shirts, velvet tracksuits, and baggy harem pants or leggings. One might think that with such divergent styles there's no cohesive look to 80's fashion, but the style expression of the decade is united by its determination to be bright, glitzy and bold. Towards the second half of the '80s punk looks, thanks to the celebrities of the day, started trending.

We summed up the trends, which have a marvelous come back in 2019.


Most commonly associated with Juicy Couture, velour popped up on sweaters and tracksuits everywhere in the 80’s. Recently, Juicy Couture released a collaboration with VFILES featuring pieces made of velour. The plushy fabric essentially combines the luxurious feel of velvet with the stretchy properties of materials like spandex. In the '80s, high-end designers like Dior would put out cozy v-neck sweaters made of velour, while athletic brands like Fila made tracksuits that caught on with young troublemakers and trendsetters alike.

Since 2019 is the time to reinvent trends and refresh the bold 80s' styles, velour has its comeback. Balenciaga wrapped purple laces of the silky fabric into a long sleeve dress, which not only looks comfortable but moreover shiny and red-carpet ready. Yves Saint Laurent chose a simple mini dress cut with long sleeves and dark fabrics, while Prabal Gurung designed a two-piece outfit in royal colors.


Bella Hadid has recently been spotted in a sporty marine blue tracksuit matching it with Nike Kith Air Maestro 2 Sneakers in September 2018. Blake lively stayed casual wearing blue velour pants and two blazers in controversy colours.



Bolder and louder than the average hair tie, scrunchies take the basic elastic band to the next level. Whether done up in sparkly fabric or just simple solid colors, they not only kept ponies and long hair in check, they also doubled as wrist accessories. Have a close look at All The Boys I've Loved Before, released in Summer 2018. The movie had set a bunch of trends, and Lara Jean's scrunchie was probably the most significant plot twist in the story.



Jordache Basic campaign 1987; Runway Gucci with black acid-washed denim jeans; Katy Perry in Adelaide laundry 2019; Margot Robbie at Sydney Airport in February 2019

One of the edgier '80s styles was acid-washed denim, which reflected the Rock'n Roll of the period. Acid washed jeans have roots going back to the 1960s surfer culture. Originally made with chlorine and pumice stone, it has connections to the punk rock movement and became a staple clothing item throughout the decade.

The process of acid-washing jeans implemented chemicals, stripping off the colour of the top layer, leaving the white fabric exposed. The color remained in the lower layers of the materials, giving it a faded look.

With Katy Perry and Margot Robbie officially on board, it's safe to say that acid-washed denim is a 2019 trend. The eighties hit has long been perceived as a fashion punch-line of bad taste and poor judgment, which is probably why Gucci creative director Allesandro Michele picked up the style and brought it back to the catwalk.

To style them yourself, try thinking '80s. How about a high waisted-or mom jean style, along with tailored or oversized eighties jackets? Give loose boyfriend jeans or a streamlined silhouette from head-to-toe a try. The most natural way to get on board with acid wash is throwing a distressed denim jacket over your shoulder. Wear it over black types of denim or a maxi skirt with a solid color top. You can try going neon with a lime green top and matching acid-washed jean jacket and jeans. Finish your look with sleek black accessories to give it some polish.


A trend that comes along with denim is pegging. The high-cuffed style goes back to the 80’s and tailors wide legs. Worn best with sneakers or heels, pegging never really went out of style. Showing the ankle of your feet always been stylish. Tom Ford even brought it back to the catwalk, and fashion icon Gigi Hadid has been spotted in pegged distressed jeans. Not only pegged jeans but also highly cuffed ones were seen on the runways 2019. They remind us of the so-called 'carrot-trouser,' which has a deep cut around your hips, while she gets leaner downwards and has a usually tight fit around your ankles — generally made of thin and soft fabrics, its an excellent alternative for the classic office trousers.


Spring/Summer Collection 2019

Animal prints were proudly introduced to high fashion thanks to Christian Dior back in 1947, who created a range of fascinating animal print accessories, breaking the norms and serving as an inspiration for many. Later in the '60s and the '80s, they were the staple of Rock stars. Since the decade was all about wild, loud patterns, the spots and stripes of leopards, cheetahs, and zebras were everywhere.

2019, it was streetwear-pro Virgil Abloh, who perfectly fused neon hues with streetwear silhouettes for his brand Off-White, attaching a trendy snakeskin print.

Unquestionable, that animal prints look flawless on the runway, but since designers gave it a little more couture and a little less extravagance, it is 100 percent everyday-wearable.

Always make sure your animal prints are gracing more delicate fabrics because unfortunately, animal print has a reputation for looking cheap or low-class. Stay clear of heavy materials like wool or cheap polyester and opt for silks or light cotton, both of which will ensure the patterns look current. Search for cuts that are in line with other trending shapes, like mid-length slip skirts or dresses, boxy button up T-Shirts or oversized power suits.

If you dare to go a little further, lay one print on top of another and style a leopard top with snakeskin boots for a decidedly exotic take on the trend. For less daring, go for an animal print micro bag, or an eye-catching belt, which tailors and tightens up an oversized black shirt-dress. Since it's the year for breaking fashion rules, mix and match your prints. For a casual look, go along with statement pieces and marine colors. Cheetah, giraffe and tiger prints suit earthy and colorless looks, giving you a chic and elegant flair. Zebra and Cow prints go best with colors, especially hues or sorbets, creating a poppy and stylish appearance.

This years' focus lays on snakeskin prints on trench coats and cowboy boots. Best paired with black shades, types of denim or nudes, snake prints show off the best if they are the statement piece of your look.

A suit is by definition a set of outer clothes made in the same fabric, designed to be worn together and yet, in the human psyche, it is synonymous with power, masculinity, and competence.

The new power suit is an ensemble that brings some of the original elements of the uniformed outfit into a new street style mindset to make us feel confident, always. Borrowed from the boys, Chanel invented the first female suit in 1914. At the time the litigation already represented female empowerment and was the signature garb of the Suffragette movement.

Sleek, simple, and most significantly practical, the rise of the female suit signaled a cultural shift - enabling women to participate, in what previously was only a "man's world."

However, we can attribute the new power suit to American designer Marcel Rochas, who created the first female pantsuit in the 1930s'. At that time, it was finally tolerable for women to wear this look at their workplace. While this style received some harsh critiques from the fashion press, the emerging trend soon became normalized. Madonna expressing herself in the '80s as a woman wearing a suit rechallenged society's perceptions and expectations, furthering feminism by asserting strength and equality, and Melanie Griffith gave everyone a significant inspiration in the 1988 movie Working Girl. Nowadays it is worn by models like Amal Clooney, Gigi Hadid and more recently, on royalty when Meghan Markle was spotted in style.

This look has been fashionable for the past few seasons and shows no sign of slowing down. From day to night, work to weekend brunch, a matching blazer, and trouser outfit always looks sharp.

Sometimes beauty lies in simple looks. The great thing about suits is the easiness of styling, their options both in terms, form and function, and their incredibly strong appearance. Be careful in choosing the right fit. It would be best if you avoided low rinse, short blazers, and styles. Better go for classic cuts, which are influenced by the 1980s' and 1990s' years, the ones with retro cringed waists. This season's favorites are flower-or animal printed looks as well as those with enormous patterns, sequin, and eye-catching colors.


Jeremy Scott Summer Collection 2019; Louis Vuitton Spring Collection 2019

Whether they were made from leather or nylon, bomber jackets reached their peak coolness in the 1986 classic Top Gun. Now the silhouette has been adopted by Jeremy Scott as well as fashion designers like Louis Vouitton or Phillip Plein. Styling and Dressing Them is Quite Simple since there are no rules to apply on. Just throw them over your outfit giving it a touch of bold extravagance or a sporty fit.



 Pariser Fashion Week SS 2019 from left Rochas, OFF-White, Balenciaga

A hue is the purest or brightest form of color; it hasn't been mixed with any white, grey or black.

A trend that once was associated with fluorescent gym gear and rare attire, first made its appearance on the catwalk a few seasons ago with a streetwear aesthetic at Virgil Abloh's Off-White in 2017, who has always been known for his casual appeal. Spring/summer collections 2019 ring the changes, however, with more couture take on the colorful hues. Balenciaga's Demna Gvasalia came up with a structured pink overcoat and Rochas was as elegant as always with a lime green feathered coat.

Fluorescent shades have already been running micro-trend status in 2018 largely thanks to Kim Kardashian and the SS19 catwalks of NY, Milan, and Paris confidentially championed neon, proving that it is more than a passing Instagram trend.

This year's favorites are lime green, hot pink and blinding yellow as seen on Blake Lively dressed in a bright Versace suit head-to-toe and Kendall Jenner in a bright yellow turtleneck paired with baggy denim, while Bella Hadid slew the red carpet in a hot pink silky dress.

Neon clothing will always turn heads; still there are more subtle, grown-up ways to style it out - from blending with muted tones to opting for simple accessories — tone down a hue piece by pairing it with shades of beige, cream and brown. A basic neon turtleneck is a perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. The tight fit makes it easy to layer on top and can also be worn underneath a sweater for just a hint of color. We'd suggest opting for statement accessories, like a purse, a belt, or a pair of shoes.


Colors that neutral neon are Sand and Khaki shades as well as Camouflage, Nude, Beige, Grey and Metallic Silver. Highly contrasting are black and white. For a casual style, go for denim. Two neon shades also go good together - pair pink neon with lime green and balance them out with white accessories. Pure nuances also shine intensively in combination with other strong colors, for example, red and hot pink, or lime green with emerald green.


If you have pale skin, only a third of your outfit should shine in the intense colors. You can either hide a piece underneath a jacket or cardigan or put the neon at the bottom of your gear and get dressed in bright shoes, trousers or a skirt.



From the left: Chanel Fendi Prada Yves Saint Laurent

Also known as Bermuda shorts, these comfy shorts end just above the knee, helping women keep cool without feeling overly exposed. All manner of designers crafted biker shorts for the SS19 runway trends, with some looking sportier and others paired with suits for a sophisticated look.

At Prada, biker shorts were made of more durable trouser fabrics, creating a refined design that would even be considered office-appropriate. Chanel and Fendi made biker shorts of tight-fitting fabric that was on the more athletic side of things, although the styling was ultimately streetwear appropriate and Yves Saint Laurent reinvented the cycling shorts, giving them a touch of couture.

Just like leggings before them, stretchy sports shorts are the latest item of athletic apparel to become an everyday wardrobe essential. Whether inspired by Princess Diana's mid-'80-90s vibe or Kim Kardashian's Yeezy' fits, women are finding plenty of inspiration to test out the trend themselves. Kim K. has been seen in a matching set that features a half-zip short sweatshirt teamed with high-waisted tight bike shorts both in grey color. The look is completed with cool sunglasses and heels sandals.

Princess Diana sported the shorts regularly in the Nineties with casual crewnecks, as did Madonna to more glam effect in the Eighties. Virgil Abloh, even name-checked Princess Diana as a muse for his spring 2019 Off-White collection.

For a garment so sporty and straightforward, it's surprisingly versatile. The newest versions range from solid black to neon hues, fun prints, and fresh design details like lace-up fronts, graphic waistbands, or lace-trim hems. With the right styling tricks, the bike short can just as quickly be made to look elegant and polished as casual and relaxed. Some creative dressers have taken to wearing theirs with flirty, feminine tops and puff-sleeve blouses for a beautiful, avant-garde mix. Others go for a sexier look with their cycling shorts, embracing the style's body-hugging form.

"From a commercial standpoint, we've seen the bike short popularize this past year with the immense saturation of streetwear. If winter's cozy was the hoodie and track pants, summer's iteration is that oversized T-shirt with the body-con bike short underneath," - Marian Park, youth fashion editor at WGSN.

“And now, I'm just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” ― Lady Gaga

There were various sequins on the runways, which made them become one of their SS19 fashion trends in addition to another form of sparkles. They can dress up an outfit in a second or add a touch of glamour to the most basic looks.

The fashion week saw designers experiment with sequins in all sorts of ways — layering them, for example, with more structured fabrics, or on transparent materials, which gave these outfits a bejeweled and precious look.

If you'd like to wear them yourself, everything depends on the occasion. If it's a casual, street look, then you can go for boyfriends, shimmering tops and matt, white heels, or a pretty shiny sweatshirt styled with a white, maxi skirt. If you want yourself a smart-casual look, then I advise you to try on a fresh, loose-fit sequin top worn atop a white shirt and styled with blue skinnies. The most important rule in creating an outfit that features a shimmery top is to balance this look, by professionally combining your sequins with bottom basics.

Sequins can be flashy and in your face, mainly when they reflect the rainbow variant, a bright silver, or even gold. If these scare you, opt for a darker sequin, as these tend to feel cool and not too sexy. This way, you always get the glamorous vibe subtly. Layer a solid blazer or moto jacket on top to tone down the shine. Besides, this also helps because you are mixing in textures that break up the sequins. Another trick of pulling off this fabric, while looking chic, is to keep your accessories to a minimum. An additional sparkle will be overwhelming and make your outfit look busy. You could also use a plain look with sparkly accents to direct the eye, where you want it to go. The bigger your sequins, the bolder they will look. If you pick a dress, choose one with a simple cut. You don't need a daring neckline or a dramatic silhouette. Opt for basics, like a strapless or a fundamental shift dress, a t-shirt dress or a dress with spaghetti straps. Moreover, stick to one color. Dresses with sequin accents are trendy and often more versatile and "wearable" than a fully sequined number.

"A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous." - Coco Chanel

From the left Balmain, Pinterest, Gucci

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